Singer/ writer of soulful fusion jazz-blues pop, featuring legendary soloists. 

Author of New York-centric female empowerment thriller “Skinless.”

“Maggie Moor’s jazzy torch songs showcase her deep, sensuous singing style and cinematic lyrics…” 

David Sanborn


“Maggie Moor looks and sounds absolutely stunning, sultry, sexy and soulful.”

Kenny Rampton

Trumpet, Wynton Marsalis Orchestra

“Listening to Maggie Moor’s voice put me in a trance… I almost forgot to play my horn…” 

Richie Cannata

Saxophone, Billy Joel Band

“True talent always shines and Maggie Moor is certainly glowing!” 

Steve Boyer

Producer/ Mix Engineer, Eric Clapton, Unplugged

Skinless: The Story of a Female Survivor. My Why?

What is Skinless: The Story of a Female Survivor about?

The story is told through the eyes of Charmay, a strong young woman who lives out loud to her own drumbeat, navigating an unconventional life while pursuing her goals of singer/ songwriter at the turn of the Millennium in New York City. Homeless and hitchhiking since her mid teen years, riddled by childhood improprieties and self hatred, Charmay has a chip on her shoulder that empowers her with a keen sense for survival, knowing who the predators are and how to makes tough choices to protect herself in each iconic and gritty New York City experience. A true survivor, Charmay grows through each obstacle and emerges with a deeper sense of self and confidence that only true life experience and reflection can attain.

Why did I write “Skinless?”

I wrote the character Charmay, and the story “Skinless” as an inspiration to young women, that no matter what life has dealt you, it can become your super power, giving you a strong sense of self protection, confidence and conviction for your goals. None of us can escape our past and many lessons can’t be taught except in life experience. I wrote the character Charmay and “Skinless” to help encourage young women to talk about their experiences, and choices.