Health and Athletics

Maggie Moor dedicates a portion of her every day, to mental and physical focus through therapeutic healing and bodybuilding athletics.


 Ms. Moor holds a degree in psychoanalysis through New York Graduate School for Psychoanalytic Studies, completing a two year masters and five year doctoral level certification program in 2018. For her clinical hours, Ms. Moor worked at The Treatment Service with patients recovering from anxiety, and at Rikers Island facilitating groups for women recovering from trauma and addiction.

Maggie Moor’s final thesis paper Coloring Outside the Lines: Sadomasochistic Defense and the Search for Identity, was nominated for the NAAP Gradiva Award, the only from her school that year.

Maggie Moor author of I AM: Your Guide to Mind and Body Union.

Author of Self Help, Psychology & Spirituality- Click Link to explore 

In 2019, Maggie Moor went on to publish her first non-fiction psychology and spirituality book,  I AM: Your Guide to Mind and Body Union for Total Awareness (Simon & Schuster), Ms. Moor is also a psychotherapist who counsels individuals in Eastern Spirituality, Yoga, and Integrative Mind and Body Therapy, specializing in working with people who experience difficulties in intimacy in their relationships.


In addition, Ms. Moor is a National Figure and Bikini competitor through the National Physique Committee. Between 2014- 2020 Maggie earned top-three National Figure three years in a row, and two time top three national Bikini. She worked with founder of Body by O, coach Kim Oddo and still trains daily as an important aspect of her mental and physical health and happiness.

Maggie Moor is an accomplished National Bikini athlete at the National Physique Committee. In 2019 she placed top 3 in two National Competitions, Masters Nationals and Northeasterns Nationals.