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Maggie Moor is a writer/ siren of Sexy-Cool-Jazz-Rock (3 EP’s) and published Psychological Fiction/True Thriller author (Skinless). Maggie Moor holds High Academic Degrees and background in Dramatic Acting and Modern Psychoanalysis, and is a published Self Help author (I AM). Maggie Moor is an emerging TV/ Film Writer/ Director who draws directly from her personal talents, experiences, and perceptions. In her personal life, Maggie is a Health and Fitness devotee, National Physique Committee Bikini Competitor/ model, and Creator/ Director of her own Music Videos.


Novelist/Screen Writer

“Maggie Moor has a voice unlike any I’ve ever encountered. Both hip and illuminating. A voice that lifts the mind to a place it’s never been.”
– Kate Lardner, author

Siren Songwriter

“Maggie Moor’s jazzy torch songs showcase her deep, sensuous singing style and cinematic lyrics…”
David Sanborn, Grammy winning saxophonist

“Maggie Moor’s jazzy torch songs showcase her deep, sensuous singing style and cinematic lyrics…”

David Sanborn


“Maggie Moor looks and sounds absolutely stunning, sultry, sexy and soulful.”

Kenny Rampton
Trumpet, Wynton Marsalis Orchestra

“Listening to Maggie Moor’s voice put me in a trance… I almost forgot to play my horn…”

Richie Cannata
Saxophone, Billy Joel Band

“True talent always shines and Maggie Moor is certainly glowing!”

Steve Boyer
Producer/ Mix Engineer, Eric Clapton, Unplugged

“Maggie Moor is that rare style of jazz singer who puts her deepest emotions into her song writing and then is brave enough to let those emotions come through on stage.”


“Maggie Moor’s vocals are incredibly sophisticated and the production is impeccable!”

Kerry Leigh
Sacramento California, Rock/Blues Producer

“Skinless is a revelation"

. . . Skinless is also a revolution—of survival. In a word, Skinless is a stunner.”

Stacey Donovan
Author, Dive, Red Shoe Diaries

"A humane portrait of often inhuman actions"

Skinless is an eloquent crime novel about a woman’s relentless desire to survive.”

Benjamin Welton, Foreword Reviews

"Skinless is a unique look at a woman’s search for meaning and herself"

Each chapter is dripping with beautiful prose and has incredible scenes that will enrapture the reader. It is an important story to be told in today’s age and one that balances emotion with the facts of patriarchal misogyny handily. I’m sure whoever picks up this book will have a hard time putting it down.”

Austin Macauley, Literary publisher

"Strap Yourself in for a Wild Ride"

The author of this book has the ability to bore into your psyche, pull you into the scenes and force you to feel what the characters are going through. I look forward to reading her future works.

David Klein/Writer, Musician

"Whoa, this does not feel like a first novel, who the heck is Maggie Moor?"

 Google “Maggie Moor” and you uncover an actress, a Jazz Singer, an elite Fitness model competitor and a licensed psychoanalyst working with people who have been traumatized or addicted. Then it dawns on you, the author of this book is all four of those people plus, now, an author. Best I can tell, this is not sequential, Ms. Moor is living all of these lives simultaneously. OK. That helped. This is no typical first time novelist.

McLaughlin PR

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