little girl’s eyes

Maggie Moor

A siren/ writer of sexy-smooth-jazz-rock and electronic pop, on this tune, Maggie Moor captivates with a sensitive story. As added signature, Maggie Moor always delights by featuring Grammy soloists on her cool-hot tracks.

Little Girl’s Eyes

© Maggie Moor

The streets are cold and I don’t even know your name
Oh, won’t you please just take my hand I’m so ashamed
I’m all alone mister, I hope you understand
It won’t take long but I could use a little change
These are my little girl’s eyes for you
These are my little girl’s eyes for you
Daddy has gone away
Oh where can Daddy be
I’m searching everywhere
Oh please take care of me
‘Coz once there was a story
A girl like child born, morning glory
A kingdom come kept safe from harm
But no they’re not for me
No they’re not for me
Now it’s rain…
I can go round and round
And laugh and twirl and sing
Just buy me pretty things
I’ll let you be my king
These are my little girl’s eyes for you
I sometimes wonder why my eyes are sometimes blue
They turn from green to brown
Depending upon you…