In the Sun

Maggie Moor

A siren/ writer of sexy-smooth jazz-rock and electronic pop, on SWEET Maggie Moor captivates cool-electro-pop with her swooping soprano poetics and laid-back spoken word. As always, Maggie Moor delights by featuring Grammy soloists.

In the Sun

© Maggie Moor

Pretty new dress, cherry
Pretty lies
What she’s not supposed to say

Skipping hopscotch, green lawn
In the night
Dreamin’ of a place in the sun

In the sun

High heels clickin’ on the highway
Her suitcase
Broken smile in her eyes
She lingered a gaze, his face
Imagined falling
Falling in love

In the sun

She slipped a hazy room
Strange days, persuasion
Smoky liquid secret kisses
Lookin for a man to feel her blues
Oh, lookin for the glamour lookin for the style, looking for a place

Spoken Word:

Red lips flashing
Waiting wanting
Smoky liquid, batting lashes
Innocence collides, crashes

Ruby red lips moving speaking
Liquid red lips move
Her inner style, inner smile
Sweet red lips move in her style
She captivates them
She captivates you

Lookin for a place
In the sun
Lookin for the glamour
In the sun
Lookin for the style
In the sun
Her smile
In the sun