i love you

Maggie Moor

A siren/ writer of smooth jazz-rock and jazzy electronic pop, Maggie Moor has the old school flavor of a speak easy cabaret siren. She captivates with a sultry slowness, and as added signature, always delights the war by featuring Grammy soloists on her sexy, smooth tracks.

I Love You (feat. Richie Cannata)

© Maggie Moor

Slowly you move me
Your hand touches softly
Sweeping the hair from my face
Wide my eyes open
To see you look through me
Drowning my tears with your gaze
Gently in the dance
Put your body next to mine
Make romance
Stay by my side
Put your body next to mine
Cuddle, comfort
Make me see clearly
Show me my dreams can be true
Come, closer
Whisper you love me
I want to say I love you…