Maggie Moor

A siren/ writer of sexy-smooth-jazz-rock and electronic pop, on this tune, Maggie Moor captivates haunting ambience.


© Maggie Moor

Hello echo
Empty hallway
Wide eyed, childlike
Dark, piercing gaze
Velvet melody climbs spiral stairs

Visions linger
Lullabye in blue
Fragile spirit
Kindred to this tomb
Chilly lips whisper a haunting tune

(Hush) It’s been far too long now
(Hush) That I’ve been walking alone
(Hush) Spinning in circles, spinning round my room
(Hush) Gazing through raindrops
(Hush) Searching for you
(Hush) Your eyes they see me, transparent through you

I’ve had two weeks of silence, the knocking’s seemed to cease
The hours of distant drumming, have brought me my knees
And everywhere I turn now, reflections in the trees
I’m walking on this path, of faded memories

Pasting pieces
Puzzles pass through time
Budding virgin
Bloom before you’re time
Sweetly sing me sleep before the dawn

(Oh hush)