Hi, I’m Maggie Moor. After a Near Death Experience I went through what some call a Spiritual Awakening.

I dedicated my life to becoming the best version of myself possible, and to above all else, help others. I set out learning ways to harness natural energy, develop presence, and focus. I am now a certified psychoanalyst spiritual healer and author of a book.

This site, is about my other artistic accomplishments, which have born from my own healing and awakening journey. My music, stories, poetry, style.

If you would like to develop your potential, heal, awaken your mind, I am here for you. You can work with me as your therapist, mentor, teacher, inspiration

Here, I invite you to enjoy the creative works I offer for your musical, story, and athletic inspiration.

Developing your potential is a lifestyle. Join me on the journey. . .

“Maggie Moor’s jazzy torch songs showcase her deep, sensuous singing style and cinematic lyrics. . .”
David Sanborn,
Grammy winning saxophonist

Acting is the artform that combines it all: psychological, physical, emotional expression. I studied theatrically and have performed with several film and theatre companies.

I love the peak performance and mind-body focus of honing athletic skill. Now a National Bikini Competitor at National Physique Committee, I train year-round and compete all over the country. I also model and brand promote.

“Maggie Moor has a voice unlike any I’ve ever encountered. Both hip and illuminating. A voice that lifts the mind to a place it’s never been.”
Kate Lardner
author of Shut Up He Explained: The Memoir of a Blacklisted Kid

I will be introducing a Trilogy of Psychological Fiction manuscripts in years ahead. These writings are completely fictionalized stories, lightly inspired through my therapy practice, personal experience, observation and imagination.

The first titled “Skinless; The Story of a Female Survivor” is presently being published with Austin Macauley Publishing, 2021.